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Flookii - Profitable trading needs more than just luck!

So seriously why Flookii? The answer is simple: we couldn't find anything like it on the Internet, and we really looked hard.

True, financial sites abound, but none offers daily updated reports based on technical analysis indicators; at least not in a format as user-friendly and easy to understand as Flookii.

As regular traders, with a finite capital of hard-earned savings, we are always looking for ways to identify potential movers. We believe in the power of knowledge and continually focus on education and research. Let us share our trading philosophy:

  1. Fundamental analysis better serves the long-term investor
  2. Long-term investing requires significant capital
  3. Day-trading on the other hand is too risky and stressful
    • Actually we think it's borderline madness
  4. We are most interested in short-term trading
  5. Price movements reflect market behavior
  6. Technical analysis reports on price movements
  7. Emotions have no place in successful trading

This quote by Michael Covel in his book Trend Following: How Great Traders Make Millions in Up or Down Markets is not only interesting but also an eye-opener:

Technical traders believe that a careful analysis of daily price action is an effective means of capitalizing on price trends.
Now here is where the understanding of technical analysis gets tricky. There are essentially two forms of technical analysis. One form is based on an ability to "read" charts and use "indicators" to divine the market direction. These so called technical traders use methods designed to attempt to predict a market direction....This is the view of technical analysis held by the majority-that it is some form of superstition, like astrology....
However there is another type of technical analysis that neither predicts nor forecasts. This type is based on price. Trend followers form the group of technical traders that use this type of analysis...Trend followers respond to what has happened rather than anticipating what will happen. They strive to keep their strategies based on statistically validated trading rules. This enables them to focus on the market and not get emotionally involved.

And thus came Flookii. Every night we analyze the closing prices of securities over a period of 14 to 200 days. Then we look for technical indicators such as crossovers or channel breakouts, and we post our reports every day before the open of the market.

Flookii only reports on price movements. We don't predict any future behavior and we are not providing any trading recommendations. If you are or plan to become a trader we would like to offer you the following advice:

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Last but not least, we're really interested to hear from you. Please send us your feedback.