Let's Get Flookii!

Technical or fundamental, that is the question. Seasoned traders are familiar with the difference of opinion on the merits of either type of analysis; and if you are new to the game, come and join the debate.

The choice would be simple if technical slings threw arrows of outrageous fortune unconditionally, or if the sea of troubles of the seemingly fundamentally-sound were somewhat less treacherous these days. Ay, There's the rub!

Regardless of which band your drums roll for, why struggle for a starting point? More than 7000 securities trade in the US market, and thousands of traders' minds suffer to find the next best picks.

At Flookii.com we don't claim to pick the best - in fact before you go any further please study our disclaimer thoroughly - we merely update and post lists of symbols on the basis of their price performance and other trend markers.

Whether you are a technical analyst type or a noble fundamentalist, a defined starting point may avoid much grunt and sweat under the weary possibilities.

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